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A long process of evolution EIGHTH FIRE

The Eighth Fire

          								ArtPrize Weekend!

Cynthia created THE EIGHTH FIRE for ArtPrize 2013 in Grand Rapids, Michigan to honor early inhabitants living along the Grand River before the advent of European settlers.

Eighth Fire in the Evening

The Story

Fabrication of Macquette

It is a well-known fact that Native people lived along the Grand River in Michigan for thousands of years before Europeans migrated here. In their honor, Cynthia created THE EIGHTH FIRE .

This multifaceted structural steel sculpture stood as their sentinel downtown on Calder Plaza during ArtPrize 2013. The sculpture is the artist's response to an oral legacy purporting that while ancestors of local Native People lived in the area, they passed through a series of seven time periods, each of which became known as a prophesy. In the sculpture, each of these prophecies is depicted by a unique flame painted its own shade of red.

Now is the time of the seventh prophecy. It acknowledges the current dilemma between embracing either materialistic or spiritual goals. If materialism and disrespect prevail, all will be lost. However, it has been said, "If by the light of the Seventh Fire come those who use their power and strength with wisdom and gentleness, there will be a time of harmony and balance." Cynthia celebrates the second alternative. Thus the Eighth Fire thrusts its single thread of flame 32 feet high, from the center of the installation, toward the heavens to "soar with the White Eagle bringing the wisdom of the Spirit with the first light of day."


Cynthia works with Scott Walcott of Premier Metal Hudsonville, Michigan, to create a model for THE EIGHTH FIRE.

Fabrication of Macquette

It starts with drawings and a cardboard mockup.

Fabrication of Macquette

The fires are cut out of thin metal.

Final Fabrication

They are welded to individual bases.

Fabrication of Macquette

And the first metal macquette is born.

Final Project

Fabrication of Macquette

The Seventh Fire, which is 14 Feet High and weighs several hundred pounds, comes out of the press break.

Final Fabrication

The Eighth Fire, which is programmed on the computer, starts as three flat pieces of steel each of which is 36 feet long. Because every side is different, there is only one way the parts will fit together.

Final Fabrication

Little by little the first two components are pulled together. Then the third face is attached to the first two. When finished, this unit weighs about 4,200 pounds.

Where is it now?

Eighth Fires stands in the Meadow                                                                                                      Cynthia celebrates her completed project

When the exhibit ended, individual fires of THE EIGHTH FIRE went their separate ways much as the early people did after meeting at the Grand River. Standing alone in Cynthia's Sculpture garden, the 32' high majestic golden thread reaching for the heavens creates its own aura. Several of the red flames also grace her garden.

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