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Cynthia's Signature Piece

Family of Man

Family of Man - 6 foot

The Story

FAMILY OF MAN tells the story of mankind. The whole creation is cut from a single piece of steel plate representing Mother Earth.

At birth, we emerge from the Earth, which is represented by the steel plate. It is a living jig-saw puzzle. Each individual intermingles with its neighbor, an outer curve of one becoming the inner curve of another. At death each of us returns to the plate, thus once again becoming part of Mother Earth.

The larger figures in the back represent maturity, wisdom, and experience. The small figure in front, cut from the inner thighs of a larger figure, is youth. It is moving forward toward the future, unaware that those in the background are looking out protectively and helping it along the way.

The pivotal part of FAMILY OF MAN is a small non-descript form in the background which some see as an embryo while others a tombstone. Representing both, it becomes the key component of the sculpture illustrating the cyclical nature of our existence tying us from the present to the past and the future.


FAMILY OF MAN is available in many different sizes.

The 12”, 22”, and 5’ tall sizes are welded to base plates.

Each part in the 6’ and 10’ tall sculptures stands alone allowing these sculptures to be placed in their final destinations in ways which enhance both the artwork and the locations.

Except for the 12” size which is unlimited, each size is its own limited addition.

Where is it now?

The original FAMILY OF MAN can be seen in Coughlin Park in downtown Saugatuck, and the small version pictured on this page is on display in Cynthia's Sculpture Garden. The others are gracing properties privately.

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cynthia celebrates her completed project

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